Ticket FAQ

I'd like to bring my kids, do they have to pay?
Children under 12 are admitted free.

When will tickets be sent out?
If you take advantage of our super secret 2013 pricing, they will be mailed no later than March 15, 2014. If you purchase them afterwards, no more than 2 days after we deposit your check or process your credit card.

Are day passes available?
Yes, you can buy day passes at the gate. See our tickets page for pricing information.

Will tickets be available at the gate?
Absolutely, although we offer an early bird rate tickets purchased or postmarked before May 21.

General Rules FAQ
Do I have to wear my arm band?
Yes. You will be required to show your arm band at the front gate when you come in and to gain entrance into the concert area.

What if I’m just coming to visit a friend and plan to leave right away?
Yeah, we’ve heard this one before. You can buy a day pass to enter the Festival area and see your friend, or your nice friend can come meet you at the gate and you can have the conversation you were hoping to have around the campfire on the hot pavement at the front gate. If you’re really friends, s/he will do this for you without complaining. If not, maybe they’re not worth it.

If I’m not camping, where do I park?
There is a Day Parking lot that you will be directed to after you purchase your ticket at the gate. It is within walking distance of the concert area.

If I park my car in Day Parking am I required to leave at the end of each day or can I leave my car in that lot for the weekend?
Day Parking is for those who need or want to leave at the end of each day. If you plan on leaving your car overnight you must buy a camping ticket.

Can I bring my golf cart into the concert area?
No. No golf carts, bicycles, ATV’s, or other vehicles are allowed in the concert area. These vehicles obstruct the view of other folks enjoying the music.

What kind of special needs services will you be providing?
If you have a golf cart, you may park at the handicapped parking area next to the gate leading to the RV Camping area, and someone will bring you to the festival area. If you are not camping, tell the nice folks at the front gate that you need a ride into the concert area, and someone will meet you in the handicap lot with a golf cart.

We are staying at a hotel off site and plan on commuting to and from the festival. Will we be permitted to come and go each day/night?
Yes, you may come and go, provided that you are wearing your armband.

Can I bring my own food, drinks, alcohol, etc.?
Yup. Food, drink, alcohol and other items that you would typically put in coolers are permitted in the concert area before dinner break. After dinner break, the coolers themselves must be left outside the concert area gates or at your campsite. If you bring alcohol into the concert area, it must be in a cup. If you don’t have one, you can get one from our friendly gate workers.

Do you sell beer or bourbon?
Nope. We’ll have a wide assortment of food and beverage vendors, but no alcohol will be sold at the Festival.

Will my cell phone work out there?
It should. Signal strength may vary depending on your provider's coverage.

Is there internet access in the Campground and/or concert area.
Yes, but it’s not free. The Kentucky Horse Park offers wifi.

I will not be able to get there until 3 AM on Thursday morning. Is this going to be OK?
Sure. The front gate is staffed 24 hours.

My third cousin-twice removed on my wife's daughter's side is roasting a pig. I am only going to eat dinner and leave. Seriously, I am not going to the show.
Yes, you still need a ticket to enjoy that fine dinner.

What is the audio/video taping policy?
Taping of any kind is not permitted unless approved by the Festival of the Bluegrass.

What is the security going to be like there?
In addition to Horse Park Security, there will be trained Festival security.

Where do I go to report or find a missing child?
You should report your missing child to the Festival Airstream Office.

Can I share my ticket with someone if I go one day and my friend goes the other?
No. Each ticket holder will be issued a non-transferable wristband, which must be worn at all times during the event.

Will it rain?
Probably. Bring a slicker. And a towel. You should always know where your towel is.

If it rains will, will you cancel the show?
The show will only be delayed if there is lightening and/or high winds. Bluegrassers are hearty folk.

Is parking free?
Yes. We hate buying tickets to an event and then being charged for parking. We ain’t going to do it to you.

What is the exact address of the Horse Park? I am going to use a GPS system.
Well aren’t you fancy.

No, seriously. What’s the address?
Oh fine. 4089 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511

When and/or where will there be pickin’ going on?
Anywhere and everywhere. If you wander through the campsites, you’re bound to find a good bit of pickin’ and grinnin’ and you’re welcome to join in or just enjoy.

Is there more than one stage?
There are two stages: the Main Stage and the Homegrown Stage. You won’t need to bring a chair to the Homegrown stage unless you’re very picky about your seating.

Can I Bring...

Can I bring a lawn chair?
There are a few sets of bleachers, but you are expected to bring your own chair, blanket, or other seating implement.

Can I bring outside food?
Sure thing. We will have an assortment of vendors, but feel free to bring your own food. Also, it’s okay to share.

Can I bring my dog?
All God's creatures have the right to some good music in the great outdoors. However, we ask that pets be kept at the campsite and not brought into the concert area.

Can I bring an umbrella to block the sun?
You can bring an umbrella into the event area but not into the concert area. Sorry, they block the view of other festival goers.

Are strollers allowed into the venue?
Yes. We have kids too.

Will there be vegetarian/vegan food offered?
We will select vendors who have vegetarian options, and it will be more than just funnel cakes.

Will there be Disabled person parking/bathrooms?
There will be a handicapped parking lot. Someone from the Festival will give you a ride into the concert area. Because of the accommodations of the Campground, there will only be handicapped toilets by the pool and port-a-pots in the concert area.

Will I be able to find security if needed?
Yes. The most efficient way to find security is to come to the Festival Airstream office.

Can I bring my golf cart into the concert area?
Let me check... the answer is still no.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.
You can ride your bike anywhere in the Campground, but not in the concert area.

Will there be ATMs?
Yes, in the campground store

Will there be a Lost & Found? (Lost keys, cell phones, etc.)
Yes, there is a lost and found at the Festival Airstream office. And we still have stuff we found from 15 years ago in the box.

Will there be First Aid on site?
Yes, there will be nurses onsite just outside the festival gate. They are able to provide minimal help and will not distribute any medications. In the event of an emergency, dial 911.

Will there be drinking fountains?
There are drinking fountains near the Campground store but not in the concert area. Vendors will be selling bottled water.


I can’t get there until after work on Friday. Will there still be places to camp?
You bet. There are plenty of primitive camping sites at the Campground and you’ll probably make a few new friends while you’re there.

I’m passing through in my RV and haven’t reserved a site. Will there be one available?
Unfortunately, our water and electric sites are booked years in advance. You’re welcome to bring your RV into the Campground and set it up, but it will be primitive camping only. Also, we appreciate your respect for the tent campers nearby. In other words, please don’t run your generator if there are other campers near you. The Golden Rule. It really does work.

Can I run my generator?
We go by the Golden Rule. If you’re set up on the hill with no one around you, sure. If you run your generator right into your neighbors tent, that would be uncool. Be aware of your surroundings and run your generator (or not) as you see fit. If it becomes an issue (and it hasn’t yet, thankfully), we will say “No, you can’t run your generator.”

Where do I park once I’m set up?
You can park near your campsite, but we can’t guarantee your car won’t get trapped. If you know you’ll need to leave, you may want to consider parking in the day lot.

Will there be bathrooms/showers?
Yes, there are bathhouses on the Campground premises. Thank you in advance for taking advantage of these facilities.

Can I use the Horse Park Pool?
Sure! Just take your armbands to the Kentucky Horse Park Campground Store and they’ll give you a pass.

Will there be a general store in the camping area?
Yes, the Kentucky Horse Park Campground Store sells various sundry items. 2014 Update: The KHP Campground store now sells beer.

Where can I buy ice?
There is a convenience store just down the road from the Festival Campground, or you can buy ice at the Campground Store.

Where can I get drinking water for my campsite?
There is drinking water at the dump stations.

Will there be a place for me to buy coffee or get hot water?
There will be a coffee vendor in the food area. You can ask for hot water and maybe if they’re nice they’ll give you some.